Amore Nostro Modo


Dan Lageryd


Il faut confronter les idées vagues avec des images claires.


Dan Lageryd works mainly with the moving image and focuses upon themes such as time, space, repetition, perception and architecture.


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Kebab Dreams / Kebabdrömmar / Kebabträume





Amore Nostro Modo

Amore Nostro Modo: an artist book project. "Odysseus en route to Arlanda, Ösmo next to Palermo, Margherita meets Sjuksköterskan. By juxtaposing images from pizzerias and other fast food restaurants with poetry based on pizza names found in some of the more than five hundred pizza menus collected in the greater Stockholm area 2017-2018, Dan Lageryd’s ambition is to depict a city and its inhabitants in a time of increased movement and migration."

Below: The dummy as presented at the Spring Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, May 24 - June 7, 2018

(A4, 100 pages. Printed on 120 g matte paper)

Below: Examples of images and text from the book

Odysseus Arlanda

Havets Lejon, Dubbel Krabba

Havets Fyra Hot

Hawaii Sockenvägen, Solveig

Ankara / Evigheten

Ösmo Palermo

Bambi Bergshamra

Kebab Carisma

Big Buk, Prinsessa City

Din Egen Opera / Din Egen Maffia

Jonny & Tores Amore


Apollo Shake

Olympus Kebab Tower

Intruder Paradiso

Armagedon, Galne Kycklingen

Harem Funghi

Big Bang Bacon Bingo

Gudfader Epikurus

Frutti di Carne, Vegetarisk Thriller

Below: Installation view. PAB, Spring Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, May 24 - June 7, 2018